Accurate Payroll Services Provided in Birmingham

Do you need help ensuring your employee payments are managed in a timely and effective manner? Look no further than Sandwell Accountancy Services – based in the Black Country and servicing the West Midlands. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, our family-run firm will take the headache out of your payroll with expert, affordable payroll services. We also provide the following:

Let Us Take Care of Your National Insurance Contributions

At Sandwell Accountancy Services, we can take care of your National Insurance contributions. Thanks to our real-time payment system, we can pay the tax office as soon as your staff get paid. Your dedicated contact person will keep you informed of all payments and attend to any queries on your behalf.

Other Services

Payroll for Any Pay Frequency

Our team of experts are happy to offer payroll services for any pay frequency, including salaried and hourly paid workers. Leave it all to us. We will calculate everything from PAYE to student loan deductions and other statutory or non-statutory deductions and payments. Our firm is also able to make submissions on your behalf to HMRC and deal with any questions you may have.

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