Accurate Accounts Preparation for your Birmingham Business

At Sandwell Accountancy Services, we prepare the accounts for both sole traders and partnerships, including other unincorporated enterprises. We also offer account preparation and audits for small and medium sized companies. Our family-run firm is based in the Black Country and services clients across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Simplifying Your Yearly Accounts

Yearly accounts are the perfect opportunity for us to provide advice on the risks and opportunities in your business and devise the appropriate course of action. Accounts preparation is not a nuisance, but rather the chance to review how things are going and how to move forward. Our range of services include:

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Professional and Personal Service for Every Client

Based in the Black Country and servicing Birmingham and the West Midlands, Sandwell Accountancy Services provides each and every client with a personal accounts preparation service at highly reasonable rates. During your free intake appointment, we will examine your accounts and provide useful, practical advice based on your needs. We strive to ensure that you know what your finances are doing and make sure your taxes are always accurate and relevant. With over 43 years of industry experience, you can rely on us for expert advice and complete accuracy every time.

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    What is the Importance of Business Accounting?

    Business accounting is the recording, analysing, studying and presenting of financial data. It helps an organisation keep track of their finances and shows where they can make better decisions to boost the bottom line.

    A professional business accountant helps business owners make intelligent decisions with their money and ensures they meet compliance obligations. While many small businesses take on the accounts themselves in the early stages to save money, business accounting is worth the investment, helping to take a company to the next level.

    Business Accounting Basics

    Whether you run a small start-up or large organisation, having a firm understanding of accounting is necessary to keep things running smoothly. Without a clear financial picture, it can be hard to move forwards. Here’s what you need to know about business accounting:

    Annual tax returns

    A tax return is where you declare your annual profits and income to HMRC and work out any tax owed. Failure to submit on time can incur penalties. As a busy company owner, it makes sense to use a business accountant who can ensure all information is submitted on time and correctly.

    Book keeping

    Book keeping is the process of keeping track of the financial activities of a company. A professional accountant can balance the books weekly or monthly, ensuring that all transactions are correct.


    Payroll services determine staff wages, updates holiday and sick pay and works out payments for employee contributed benefits. Because As this can be complicated, many owners use an experienced business accountant to take care of it for them.

    VAT returns

    VAT returns calculate how much you owe HMRC and what you can reclaim for business purchases. An accountant will make sure this is done accurately and on-time, so you comply with UK VAT law.

    Financial planning

    Whether you’re a start-up or business looking to move up, financial planning services are guaranteed help. A financial planner will guide you through important financial decisions and help you meet short and long term goals.

    Why is It Important to Use a Business Accountant?

    Business accountants can save you time and money. Doing the books, completing VAT returns and keeping control of the finances is a chore. Time spent doing these jobs takes an owner away from important tasks such as business development, marketing and sales growth. A professional accountant can take over these tasks for you and work out where you can make more money and save money, while staying compliant with HMRC.

    Use Sandwell Accountancy Services for Your Business Accounting Needs

    We are trusted local accountants in Birmingham. Established in 1973 as part of another company, we have built up a stellar reputation over the years as one of the best accounting firms in the West Midlands.

    Our business accountants are fully certified and offer a personal touch, alongside accurate, expert advice. Regardless of the size of your business – we can help. Call us today on 01384 569 197 or email to book a no-obligation chat.