What is Double Entry Bookkeeping

Double Entry Bookkeeping is an accounting system where every transaction has two equal and opposite elements – a debit to one account and a credit to another.

For example, if a restaurant buys a new oven for £1,000, they debit their equipment expense account for £1,000 and credit their cash account for £1,000. This is because their equipment assets are now worth £1,000 more, and they have £1,000 less in cash.

What is single-entry bookkeeping?

In single-entry bookkeeping, you only record your income and expenses. For instance, you buy a new oven for £1,000, and it is added to your expenses – there is no crediting involved.

Disadvantages of single-entry bookkeeping

The disadvantage of this is that, of course, this only gives a one-sided picture of transactions within a business.

How can double entry bookkeeping  help?

Double entry bookkeeping allows you to have a more complete financial picture as you have two accounts to compare, making it a wholly more attractive proposition to investors, banks and buyers.

Advantages of double entry bookkeeping

Another advantage double entry bookkeeping has is the ability to spot errors. In double entry, debits and credits must always balance each other out – if they don’t, you know there is an error somewhere. This makes it easy to ensure incorrect figures are not transferred into other documents or financial statements, enhancing the overall profitability of your business.

Avoid balancing errors

Balancing errors are a given in business – no matter how big or small your company. It is therefore incredibly important for any business to have someone responsible for their double entry accounting. Hiring your own double entry bookkeeper will eradicate the stress bestowed onto you as a business owner, as you will have full peace of mind that your accounts are balanced at all times.

Potential investment advantages

Not only this but it will make you far more lucrative as a business proposition to any potential partners or deals that you might pursue in the future, having clean accounts that have been properly managed and maintained.

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